After mentioning the Name of ALLAH and praising Him and saluting the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), may the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of ALLAH be upon you.

Then, I exhort both you and myself to preserve the commandments in the following prophetic words: "There are three causes of salvation and three causes for going astray”:

As for the causes of salvation, they are: the fear of ALLAH (Taqwa ALLAH) both in secrecy and in public, the veracity of the spoken word, both in contentment and in anger, steadfastly moving towards the goal, whether in richness or in poverty. As for the causes of going astray, these are: surrendering to avidity, following one’s passion, self-satisfaction with one's own opinion.”

And also:  "Under the firmament, there is no divinity more worshipped than a passion pursued”

And also: "To refrain from interfering with what does not concern you is the proper practice of Islam”

And also:  "Do not wish for confrontation with the enemy, rather, ask ALLAH for salvation. If  you do meet the enemy, then show patience".

Although this relates to fighting disbelievers on the path of God, these days it also relates to the need to be lenient towards evil coming from all people.

When a person wishes harm upon others deep down in his heart, ALLAH will direct these people against him in such a way that he will not be able to do anything against them. The servant should beseech ALLAH to protect him from provoking evil and discord among people.

If one is affected by people's evil without having caused it, ideally one would exchange good for evil. If one is unable to do this, then one should be lenient, because forgiveness extinguishes all fires of discord.

If one is incapable of this, one must be patient with the unfolding of destiny and should not react to their evil. If the flames of evil intensify, then one should defend oneself using the best manners with softness and kindness. If all else fails, then one must flee from the place if possible.

If one faces difficulty leaving the place or cannot find the strength to do it, then one should take the least possible action with regards to the damage one has endured.

In appearance, one should do this, all the while secretly multiplying ones’ supplications to ALLAH, and beseeching Him with endurance to remove the evil, until ALLAH brings relief. All these steps of actions are recommended by the Law.

Beware! Beware! For he who has been wronged to respond with evil due to his impulsive temperament and the darkness of his ignorance and self-esteem, even if unjustly wronged, he  will be flooded by an ocean of evil from ALLAH's creatures. Thus he has deserved perdition in this world and the Hereafter.

This is the punishment resulting from one's diversion from ALLAH since the outset, because if one had taken refuge in ALLAH, beseeching Him with humility, and submitting ones’ complaints to Him, acknowledging one's own impotence and weakness, ALLAH would have removed the evil of creatures without any cause or contrariety, or He would have distracted them with worries rendering them powerless.

Or ALLAH would have sent down softness or patience enabling the servant to face the torment with these qualities until ALLAH grants him relief. In this way, he would have been rewarded both in this world and in the Hereafter.

His reward in this world would have been the best of endings and clear victory over the creatures, as it has been predestined. As for his reward in the Hereafter, it would exceed all the servant's expectations, in accordance with ALLAH's promise to those who are patient.

ALLAH (may He Be Glorified and Exalted) said:

"And the fair Word of your Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because of their endurance" (Surat 07 Al Araf, verse 137)

"O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salat (the prayer). Truly! ALLÂH is with As-Sabirun (the patient)" (Surat 02 The Cow, verse 153)

"And if you punish (your enemy, O you believers in the Oneness of ALLÂH), then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, verily, it is better for As-Sabirun (the patient)" (Surat 16 Bees, verse 126)

"Verily, he who fears ALLAH with obedience to Him (by abstaining from sins and evil deeds, and by performing righteous good deeds), and is patient, then surely, ALLAH makes not the reward of the Muhsinun (good-doers) to be lost" (Surat 12 Joseph, verse 90)

And there are many other verses...

Due to the fact that people do not give consideration to what has been said above, they will find themselves in perpetual great suffering, mutually inflicting their evil.

Thus they reap great loss in this world and the Hereafter, with the exception of those endowed with the great Divine Safeguarding. As for the common people, because of their distance from ALLAH and His prescriptions, they only see, in the manifestation of evil, the image of the person causing them.

As a result, under the terrible influence of their ego, they rise to fight this evil with their own powers and ruse. Consequently, they face evil incessantly and become the prisoners of punishment forever.

Indeed, the intelligent and reasonable servant, when suffering from people’s evil, would only see the manifestation of a Divine Theophany that no one can face without Divine help.

His action and mind orientate him to flee to ALLAH and to take refuge in Him, while persisting in invoking ALLAH and acknowledging his impotence and weakness.

Thus the servant immunizes himself with Divine protection in order to face His creatures. Undoubtedly, this will remove every evil from him without difficulty. Even if the servant is set aflame by the fire of this evil, he cannot be harmed because he is taking refuge in ALLAH. He who clings to ALLAH cannot be overpowered by anyone.

ALLAH (may He Be Glorified and Exalted) said:"And whosoever fears ALLAH and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). (2) And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in ALLAH, then He will suffice him." (Surat 65 The Divorce, verse 02 and 03).

These days, everyone needs the advice we have mentioned above. He who perseveres in this way will achieve success in this world and in the Hereafter and he who turns away from it will be forsaken by ALLAH and he shall face all difficulties with his own power and cunning, and consequently he will be unsuccessful in the short or long term. Sufficient has been said on this subject.

Then be steadfast in gratitude to ALLAH for the blessings which come to you from Him, with or without cause. Thanking ALLAH is done by paying complete obedience to Him if this is possible. If not, "he who is merely stained is better than he who is entirely black".

The lowest degree of gratitude to ALLAH is verbal gratitude, and there is no greater laziness than being unable to do this. In the case of verbal gratitude, complete formulas of thankfulness should be used. The highest degree of verbal gratitude is the recitation of Surat al Fatiha to thank ALLAH for His gifts.

For the recitation, the intention should be determined to thank ALLAH for all His granted blessings which are encompassed in His Knowledge, whether they are apparent or hidden, palpable or abstract, known or unknown to the servant, immediate or yet to come, old or new, durable or temporary. With this intention, the servant recites Al-Fatiha as many times as he can, from one to  one hundred.

He who adopts this practice will be placed among the grateful ones and rewarded with an increase in blessings from ALLAH in proportion to his station. This is in accordance with His True Promise.

There are many complete formulas to show thankfulness to ALLAH, it is not necessary to go into details on this matter. Among them are the following prophetic words:

"I cannot praise You, only You can praise Yourself."

And this invocation:

“My God! To You be praise and to You be Thanks as much as Your Whole Knowledge knows about Your Attributes and Your Names and Your Praises by which You have praised Yourself in Your Own Word, and by which each of your creatures have praised You, with all the expressions of praise by which You have mentioned Yourself, and by which all Your creatures have mentioned You and to the extent to which Your Knowledge embraces and for all the blessings upon us that Your Knowledge encompasses.”

This is a praise which includes all forms of thanks and which encompasses all kinds of blessings.

I warn every person to whom ALLAH has granted a blessing not to use it for His displeasure, such as purchasing wine, committing fornication, practicing usury, or appropriating power with a view to harming Muslims, shedding their blood, confiscating their goods, and breaching their honor or causing them even the slightest damage.

One who uses His blessings in such a way, will be deprived of them by ALLAH, and exposed to His anger and abomination; if he does not realize the deprivation of ALLAH, this is a sign that he is among those upon whom fall ALLAH's Wrath and Discontentment both in this World and the Hereafter.

As for the blessed, he realizes ALLAH's deprivation as being a consequence of his transgressions; he fears His imminent Punishment and his heart is warned regarding ALLAH..."

Text translated from Jawahirul Maani