Letter from Seyyidina Sheikh Ahmed Tijani (may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret) to the disciples of Guemar

Letter from Seyyidina Ahmed Tidjani for the attention of the disciples from the area of Guemar (Algeria), dictated to his scribe the Muqaddem Sidi Ahmed ibn AbdSalem Filaly (may ALLAH be satisfied with him).

“Praise be to ALLAH. From the illustrious Imam of noble lineage, guide for creatures, the radiant evidence of Islam, the Knower of ALLAH, Abou l Abbas, our Lord and Master Ahmed ibn Mohammed ibn Salim Tidjani the Hassanite Sherif: “To each and every one of our beloved, endowed with our affection, the disciples of Guemar.

May the Peace and Mercy of ALLAH the Most High, His blessing, His Salutations and Satisfaction be upon you as long as existence and void do not merge. I give thanks to ALLAH for you, He other than whom there is no divinity. Then, I beseech ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) to grant you the gift of always sufficing you, His Guardianship, His Defense, His Protection, His Alliance, His Guidance, His Attention, His Care, His Supervision, His Custody, His Choice, His Power, His Invincibility and His Safeguard. From Him comes succor and in Him we place our infallible trust.

I recommend the Muqaddem to exhort the disciples, to remind them, to advise them, to visit their ailing, to attend their funerals, to take care of the healthy and to insure relief from their worries, to patiently endure their annoyance, to recognize their qualities, to be lenient with their mistakes, to hasten to satisfy formally them, to reconcile, to promote harmony in their hearts, without considering himself more privileged than them. He should teach the ignorant, remind the forgetful, and motivate the careless. He should not show them miserliness with what he holds in his hands.

I exhort the disciples to show him properness, to honor and respect him, to obey his recommendations and prohibitions, to be at his service because he is the representative of the Sheikh. I recommend you to fear ALLAH both in secret and in public, to turn back to ALLAH in every case be it tiny or immense, to follow the Sunnah in word and deed, to turn away from the creatures both in acceptable and inacceptable circumstances, to be satisfied with what ALLAH gives, be it a little or a lot, enviable or scornful, to refer to the Sunnah when judging your words, your deeds, your thoughts and your repose. Everything you do, do it solely for ALLAH.

I forbid you to spread rumors, to frequent the debauched with no morality. Spend your time on that which will be beneficial for you in this world, and whose benefit you will reap in the Hereafter. I recommend you not to waste any time, to be diligent in the recitation of your litanies and to be awakened to The Supervision of your Creator. Bear witness to His Power over you whatever your situation.

I enjoin you to keep each other company, to love and visit one another. Ensure that your affection is your most fruitful trade, because the truthful trustworthy one (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “You will not enter Paradise until you believe and you will not believe until you love…” or words to that effect.

Take care of your prayers, take full advantage of your time and rectify your behavior. Advise each other, shake hands, take counsel among yourselves, visit one another, give each other food, advocate to each other what is appropriate, help one another and ensure respect for the sacred character of each and every one thus complying with the rights required by the brotherhood.

May the prayer and the peace be upon our Master Muhammad and his family.”

With the authorization of Seyydina (may ALLAH be satisfied with him), I, his scribe Ahmed ibn AbdSalem Filaly, servant of the Hadra Tijaniyya, I salute you. May the peace be upon you. »

Research and translation by Zawiya Tidjaniya el Kubra in Lyon, France