« In the Name of ALLAH, The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful, and may the prayer and the peace of ALLAH be upon our Master Muhammad, his family and his companions.

By the grace of ALLAH, we are sending this letter in the hands of our beloved, our intimate companion who holds a great place in our heart, Sidi Muhammad ibn Mechri. May the peace, the mercy and the blessings of ALLAH be upon you and our beloved, our intimate companion Sidi AbdelQader ibn Allal and all his children, those closed to him and to you, and upon all the disciples from he who writes to you, Ahmed ibn Muhammad Tidjani.

Know Sidi Muhammad that I have received your letter and taken due note. My answer is that all matters are in ALLAH’s hands, it is He Who extends and contract them, and no other than Him can dispose of them. Servitude requires, in the face of difficult circumstances to which ALLAH has not granted resolution, submission before ALLAH’s Order and acceptance of His Decree, as well as a good opinion of Him, regarding the fact that he has not withheld resolution through lack of generosity but because He knew that therein lay a cause for your corruption. He has knowledge of everything: “[…] But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. » (Surate 02 The Cow, verse 216)

However, in your case, that which has not yet been granted is due to an imperfection regarding Presence during the zikr. Do not revert to this preoccupied attitude a second time. Busy yourself with accomplishing it with sincere orientation, that is to say not with any personal interest, but in order to seek His Face, as we have told you. Oblige your soul to this conduct because it is trying to avoid it.

If you find it difficult to go on retreat or if you are too weak, then continue orientating yourself even out of retreat and eat warm spicy potions. Devote time to your evocation and time to rest, but sit alone. If you go on retreat, then eat only warm spicy potions which is most appropriate in your feverish state. Be diligent in your evocations and in frequenting others as little as possible and remaining silent. This is the most best thing to do at this time. On the other hand, abandon any orientation towards secrets because ALLAH, Exalted is His Majesty, does not authorize you to do this […] »

Research and translation by Zawiya Tidjaniya el Kubra in Lyon, France