The perfect Wali, the knower of ALLAH (al Arif al wasil) deeply-rooted in sainthood and enveloped by an attentive regard, and renowned for his attainment of great spiritual opening and immense blessings, Abu AbdAllah Sidi Tahar Butayba Tilimsani (may ALLAH be pleased with him). He was among the elite of the holders of the spiritual opening within the Tariqa Tijaniyya Hanifiya.

He was one of the radiant signs of ALLAH (The Glorified and The Exalted), famous for prodigies so numerous that it is not possible to mention them all. His attainment of Great Mastery (Khilafa) in this Tariqa Ahmediya Tijaniyya was certified.

During his lifetime he received a limited Muqaddam diploma (ijaza) from Seyyidina Ahmed Tijani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) himself, and later, Sidi Hajj Ali Tamacini (may ALLAH be pleased with him) gave him unlimited authorization. Sidi Hajj Ali Tamacini (may ALLAH be pleased with him) only gave unlimited authorization to those who were at the station (maqam) of Khilafa and specific education. The Tariqa was known in the region of Tlemcen thanks to Sidi Tahar (may ALLAH be pleased with him). The disciples from Tlemcen reported incredible events concerning Sidi Tahar and his degree (maqam).

The authorization to join the Tariqa was given to Sidi Bachir son of Sidi Muhammad El Habib son of Sidi Ahmed Tijani (may ALLAH be satisfied with them all) by Sidi Tahar.

Sidi Tahar had a strong love for Sayyidina Ahmed Tijani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) and so it was his intention, that, if he had daughters, he would offer them in the service of the family of Sayyidina Sheikh Ahmed Tidjani (may ALLAH be pleased with him). Indeed, he had only girls, and when he wanted to dedicate them to serving the Sheikh’s family, they refused to take them as servants and so three of his daughters became the noble wives of Sayyidina Sheikh Ahmed Tijani’s descendants (may ALLAH be pleased with them all). One of them married the Caliph Sidi Ahmed Ammar Tijani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) and then became the mother of the knower (‘Arif) Sidi Muhammad Tahar Tijani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) famous for his remarkable spiritual states.

Sidi Ahmed Abdelaoui (may ALLAH be pleased with him) reported a personal experience with Sidi Tahar when he was in Tlemcen. In fact, he wanted to renew his affiliation to the Tariqa with him. He said: “I thought to myself: how can I renew my Tijaniyya pledge with this Muqaddam when I have already obtained my affiliation from the greatest companions of Sayyidina Sheikh such as the Pole (Qutb) Sidi Hajj Ali Tamasini? Then I gave no further thoughts to this. While I was sitting in front of a brother’s shop in Tlemcen, Sidi Tahar Butayba came to me and said through unveiling (kashf): “A person wished to receive authorization directly from Sayyidina with no intermediary and so Sayyidina says to this person bringing the news: Go and tell him that authorization is granted” and then Sidi Tahar proceeded.

It was also reported that a neighbour began a construction above Sidi Tahar’s home resulting in disturbance of the intimity for the occupants. So Sidi Tahar sent him someone to express his displeasure and to request him to stop his work. Not only did this man refuse to consider his request but he also called him an idiot. When the messenger brought him back this information, Sidi Tahar exclaimed: “I will completely destroy his home from the foundations up.” And the neighbor’s home collapsed immediately.

Sidi Tahar Butayba Tilimsani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) left this world on Monday Jumada Thani 2 1295 A.H./june 3 1878 ad. He is buried in Tlemcen near a place called “El Eubbad”.