بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد الفاتح لما أغلق والخاتم لما سبق ناصر الحق بالحق والهادي إلى صراطك المستقيم وعلى آله حق قدره ومقداره العظيم

Tariqa Tidjaniya

Here are several extracts from a letter that Seyyidina Sheikh Ahmed Tidjani (may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret) addressed to his disciple Sheikh el Islam Ibrahim Riyahi (may ALLAH be pleased with him).

“I give you my permission and authorization for the whole of the noble, blessed and vast wird, pay attention at to all that follows.

Waken your soul (Nafs) from heedlessness and do not comply with its debauchery because this matter is not futile, it is serious and important.

Follow the path of great effort, because punishments are harsh and miseries are many for the poor person who renounces his pact. Be sure of what you have, do not neglect what you have attained […]. Our Tariqa has been singled out by ALLAH with a specificity which places it above all other paths, words are insufficient to shed light on its truth. Only he who has been accepted by ALLAH’s grace can take refuge in this path. If ever the veil that conceals it was lifted, the great poles would have yearned for it like the shepherd in the desert yearns for the clouds.

Take care! Look straight ahead, do not be misled because all spiritual paths come from it. It is the source of all Turuq since the beginning of creation and until the blow of the trumpet on the Day of Judgement, as truly promised by the Master of Existence (peace and blessings be upon him).

I authorize (this) completely and entirely for all time without further modification, on the obligatory condition that you forsake all visits to the saints, with the sole exception of the visit to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his companions (may ALLAH be pleased with them).

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“[…] I urge you to keep away from food that is declared illicit according to Law. Whosoever persists in this will nullify his good deeds with no other outcome.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has said: « On the Day of Judgement, people will come with good deeds as high as the mountains of Tuhama, but when these good deeds are presented, they will turn into scattered dust.” They said to him: “O Messenger of ALLAH, describe these people to us, because, by ALLAH, we fear being one of them.” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “By ALLAH! Certainly they fasted, they prayed, and they wore themselves out in devotion for part of the night, but when they saw something unlawful they rushed towards it. For this, ALLAH cancelled their good deeds and threw them into Hell.

Even if the whole Earth was filled with unlawful things, certain situations do exist authorizing them in the case of necessity and difficulties. Indications for obtaining these authorizations will be mentioned follow this advice, if ALLAH wishes.

I order you to keep away from the bad habits that the people of today cultivate and in which they indulge, extending as far as the horizon, with the exception of a small number of creatures. We are referring to the attitude of deceit used in all transactions and affairs, people are immerged in obtaining corrupt selling and purchasing transactions, for things that the holy Law has clearly or implicitly forbidden. This is detailed in the Jurisprudence.

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« […] Know also that this age has been engulfed by the ocean of sins, we have been struck by its waves, and its darkness has piled up, to the extent that creatures are unable to free themselves with the exception of the realized and truthful one or he who is closed to his station or the person who is under the attraction of divine providence.

Apart from these, all others are marked by the incapacity to get out from sins. Given that this situation is decreed by our Supreme Master, Exalted is His Majesty, then the reasonable person, having corrected his obligatory deeds, should attend to the expiation of his sins. By the grace of ALLAH the Most High, there are many methods of expiation. If a person has sinned profusely and devotes himself to expiation and makes great effort to repel his sins as much as possible, this will diminish the heap of sins, and he is better than the person who throws himself into sin without accomplishing any expiation.

ALLAH The Most High said: “…Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds…” (Sourate 11, verse 114)

And the Messenger of ALLAH (peace and blessings be upon him): « Follow a bad deed by a good one and it will be wiped away. » or words to that effect.

This is similar to a person who regularly suffers from sores on his body and who hastens to apply the medicine as soon as a new sore appears. Of course, this is better than the person who is afflicted with sores that he does not treat and says: “treatment is useless because they are so many of them.”

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Seyyidina Ahmed Tidjani (may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret) wrote the following:

In the name of ALLAH, The Beneficient, The Merciful,

May the prayer and the salutations be upon our Master Muhammad, his family and his companions,

Here is some general advice for all the brothers from the poor servant of ALLAH The Most High, Ahmed ibn Mohamed Tidjani el Hassani, may ALLAH grant him his kindness and grace in both abodes,

May the prayer, the peace and the mercy of ALLAH be upon you.

Know that, may ALLAH have mercy upon you, know that man was only created in this world to adore ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) and fulfil His commandments and abandon that which He forbids. Indeed the faithful fulfilment of the commandments of ALLAH The Most High, and respect for His Law are part of the most essential obligation and the greatest orientation towards ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted). This was decreed by both the Divine Station and the Prophetic Law.

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