بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد الفاتح لما أغلق والخاتم لما سبق ناصر الحق بالحق والهادي إلى صراطك المستقيم وعلى آله حق قدره ومقداره العظيم

Tariqa Tidjaniya

After evoking the Name of ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) and the prayer and the peace upon the Messenger of ALLAH,

I exhort and advise you to fear ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted), both in secret and in public, to purify your heart from any opposition to His Order, to rely on ALLAH with your heart, to accept His decisions in all circumstances, to bear the hardships of the paths that He decrees in all situations, and, for this, depend on abundant evocations, with the Presence of the Heart as much as possible, this will help you to follow my advice.

Know that the greatest evocation of ALLAH, for the benefit that it brings, the most efficient and advantageous, is the prayer upon the Messenger of ALLAH (peace and blessings be upon him) with the presence of the heart. This prayer takes care of all requests, both in this world and the next, to repel and attract in all matters. He who recites it profusely will become one of the greatest and sincere friends of ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted).

The second thing that I exhort you to do is to renounce using money that is declared illegal by the Law, for food, clothing and lodging, because that which is lawful is the pole around which all the stars of adoration orbit. He who turns away from that which is lawful will also have turned away from all the benefit related to adoration.  Beware of saying: “But where is it to be found?” Certainly, it does exist abundantly in every land and in every age, but you will only find it having sought to perfectly fulfil the commandments of ALLAH, both interiorly and exteriorly; and considering the requirements of the moment, if we cannot find what is undoubtedly lawful, then a scrupulous knowledge of jurisprudence is required in this domain as well as a wide knowledge of the prescriptions of the Law. He who conforms to this, will have no difficulty finding that which is lawful.

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"After mentioning ALLAH, and the prayer and salutation upon the Messenger of ALLAH (peace and blessings be upon him), here is some advice for all those seeking advice for themselves, and the advice from the Lord is defined by the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) who said: “The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity).” We said “To whom?” He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) responded: “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.”

Among this advice, the first is the fear of ALLAH, beside whom there is no Divinity except Him. As Ali (may ALLAH be pleased with him) advised his children with these words: "O my sons, I exhort you to fear ALLAH, The Immense, in secret as in public, to be honest in your speech in satisfaction as in anger, to observe justice towards friends as towards enemies, to be moderate in wealth as in poverty."

Then, it is necessary to take refuge in ALLAH and to rely on Him when afflicted with trials and tribulations, and to attach the heart to ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) as much as possible according to one's rank with ALLAH. One needs to adopt a respectful restraint towards ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) such as defined in the word of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) who said: "Have a true respectful restraint towards ALLAH". They said: "We have this respectful restraint, praise be to ALLAH". He said: "What you’re saying is not what I mean, for the respectful restraint is to preserve the head and what it contains, to safeguard the belly and what it gathers, to remind oneself of death and trials. One who longs for the hereafter forsakes the ornaments of this world; and whoever achieves all this, has a true respectful restraint towards ALLAH".

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After mentioning the Name of ALLAH and praising Him and saluting the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), may the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of ALLAH be upon you.

Then, I exhort both you and myself to preserve the commandments in the following prophetic words: "There are three causes of salvation and three causes for going astray”:

As for the causes of salvation, they are: the fear of ALLAH (Taqwa ALLAH) both in secrecy and in public, the veracity of the spoken word, both in contentment and in anger, steadfastly moving towards the goal, whether in richness or in poverty. As for the causes of going astray, these are: surrendering to avidity, following one’s passion, self-satisfaction with one's own opinion.

And also:  "Under the firmament, there is no divinity more worshipped than a passion pursued

And also: "To refrain from interfering with what does not concern you is the proper practice of Islam”

And also:  "Do not wish for confrontation with the enemy, rather, ask ALLAH for salvation. If  you do meet the enemy, then show patience".

Although this relates to fighting disbelievers on the path of God, these days it also relates to the need to be lenient towards evil coming from all people.

When a person wishes harm upon others deep down in his heart, ALLAH will direct these people against him in such a way that he will not be able to do anything against them. The servant should beseech ALLAH to protect him from provoking evil and discord among people.

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"After praising ALLAH, may His praise be amplified and may His qualities and His names be sanctified, this letter is addressed to all our brothers, the disciples of Fez and its surroundings, May ALLAH protect you from all the hardships and difficulties of temptation. Ameen.

May the peace and mercy of ALLAH and also His blessings embrace you and your situation. From the one who loves you, Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Tijani, this:

I recommend both to you and to myself that which ALLAH commands and orders us. That is to say, to preserve the sacred limits and to perform the Divine order according to your efforts and your ability, because these days, evidently, the principles of Divine order have collapsed, either entirely or partially, and people passionately love that which harms them in this world.

We can observe that there is no awakening that allows for hearts to return to ALLAH (The Glorified, The Exalted) and that allows respect for the sacred limits of ALLAH, be they orders or proscriptions.

These days, no one has any longer the power to put into practice ALLAH’s instruction in all its aspects, except for he who is adorned with the dress of the knowledge of ALLAH, or he who approaches it.

But apart from this, things being what they are, and the servant being unable to escape from that which ALLAH has decreed, he who is a blend of black and white is better than he who is totally black.

Renounce disobedience to ALLAH as much as possible, execute his order according to your capacities and atone for your sins several times day and night. Previously, we gave you several recommendations and this is sufficient overview.

In addition, there is Hisb Saifi for whoever has taken it as morning and evening prayer, at least once and at most, limitlessly, as well as Musaba'at al 'Achra; for whoever has taken it as morning and evening prayer and Salatul Fatihi at least 100 times in the morning and  in the evening.

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