بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد الفاتح لما أغلق والخاتم لما سبق ناصر الحق بالحق والهادي إلى صراطك المستقيم وعلى آله حق قدره ومقداره العظيم

Tariqa Tidjaniya

"After praising ALLAH, may His Name be glorified and exalted, His Greatness is Immense, His Power is elevated, His Majesty Sanctified.

This letter is intended for all the followers living in Fes and in the Maghreb, may the peace of ALLAH be on you, as His Mercy and Blessing, may all this be granted to you as long as ALLAH's Kingdom lasts.

From ALLAH's poor servant, Ahmed ibn Muhammad Tijani:

We ask ALLAH, may His Power be glorified and His Immensity elevated, that He gazes upon you with the look of love and satisfaction, with that of care and overflowing grace, with that of election and choice.

May all the benefits of religion, both in this world and the next be granted to you as much as possible and may you be spared and protected from all the evil of religion both in this world and the next, until all your sins, small or large, disappear by submerging them in the ocean of His forgiveness and generosity.

May He quickly meet all your requests and needs insofar as they are not disobedient. May He powerfully help you in what is predestined for you. If they are not in compliance with your predestination, may He replace all your requests with what is better and loftier.

If it is not against His predestination, may He leave you no evil of those evils caused by creatures without interposing a soldier belonging to His Power and His Sovereignty. If it does go against His predestination then I beseech ALLAH to grant you His entire gentleness, help and facilitation until these evils are eradicated and leave you in safety.

I recommend both you and myself to fear ALLAH and beware that He does not surprise you while committing sins because, for each sin, the servant will have two misfortunes that he will not be able to avoid ; one misfortune in this world and another in the Hereafter. Misfortune will without doubt occur in the Hereafter unless it is replaced by ALLAH's Forgiveness (The Exalted).

As for the misfortune in this world, it will doubtlessly affect any person committing a sin unless he wards off this misfortune by giving alms to the poor or through spending for family relationships or by paying back someone's debts or cancelling a debt which was due to him.

Without this, misfortune will occur. So beware! Beware of disobeying ALLAH’s order. In case of disobedience and the servant is not safe from sin, he must hasten to repent and return to ALLAH, because if this is not quickly performed, the servant should know that he is losing the esteem that is granted by The Truth.

In such a situation he lays himself open to ALLAH's anger, unless he feels deep down in his very heart that due to this sin, he is in need of ALLAH and because of this, he is broken hearted, and aware of his downfall in the different steps of his nafs (ego) without needing to be blamed, in this case the servant is on the right path.

Beware! With regards to sinning, we seek protection from ALLAH against the feeling of being safe from his ruse and his blame. Indeed, for he who remains in this state for a long time, it is a sign that he will die as a disbeliever and may ALLAH protect us against such a thing.

Know that everything you hear about the particularities of this Wird is true and will certainly occur. Therefore beware of neglecting it -even if only once in a lifetime- and the condition of the Wird is to uphold the prayers (Salat) in congregation and to respect the Shariah (Islamic Law).

Once again, be wary of feeling safe from ALLAH's ruse while committing sins because this is the cause of perdition. Do not sever your relationships with all creatures and above all between you and the brothers (in Islam, In Tariqa) and visit each other for ALLAH's sake, create relationships for ALLAH's sake, give food for ALLAH's sake as much as it is possible for you to do without difficulty or discomfort.

You should continue to obey ALLAH during trials and misfortunes. This world is the abode of trials and misfortunes which are like the waves of the sea and ALLAH has sent Adam's son to earth only to confront him with its temptations and trials.

Thus as long as he is living in this world, the son of Adam has no hope of escape from this. Therefore, one should be as patient as possible in all circumstances according to ones’ capacities.

When trial or a misfortune falls upon you, seek solace in the reminder that this world has been created and built for this reason only and that human beings have been sent down into this world for this reason only, everybody is in the same situation. You should know that you are same as others and as such you are answerable.

These days, nobody can escape from sin because it falls on people like heavy rain, so multiply whatever enables you to expiate such as Salat Fatihi, for no sin can escape it, whether isolated or regrouped, or Salat Tasbih and the following evocation which one should repeat three times daily: "O my Lord ! Your absolution is greater than my sins and I place more hope in Your Mercy than in my deeds."

One should repeat also, day and night:

"There is no god but ALLAH and ALLAH is The Greatest 

There is no god but ALLAH, Alone 

There is no god but ALLAH, He has no partner 

There is no god but ALLAH, to Him belong the Sovereignty and the Praise

There is no god but ALLAH and there is no power or strength except with ALLAH the Most High, the Immense."

There is also Hisbu Sayfi for he who can read it every day, without ever neglecting it, and other similar formulas.

Hear this glad tiding: anyone who dies with our love will be resuscitated with those who have been saved, whatever his situation may be, and this as far as he does not believe himself to be sheltered from ALLAH's ruse.

Similarly, for those who take our Wird, they will rise from the dead among the people of salvation and will enter Paradise without being judged and without chastisement. It will be the same for their parents, wives and children, on condition that they have faith, that they do not renounce our love and do not think that they are sheltered from ALLAH's ruse, as mentioned previously.

Thus, they will be the Prophet's neighbors (peace and blessings be upon him) in the highest degrees of "Illiyne" Paradise and will be safe from the moment of their death until their entrance in Paradise.

And may ALLAH's Peace and Mercy be on you as well as His Blessing."

Text translated from Jawahirul Maani

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